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Industrial Engraving, Graphic Engraving, Specialty Engraving, Legend Plates

L.E.E.Engraving Biography

Industrial Engraving, Graphic Engraving, Specialty Engraving, Legend Plates

What is a German father and panel shop owner to do with his energetic five-year-old daughter who insists on visiting the shop and "helping Daddy"? If the year is 1966 and that father is Ernie Edelman, you go out and buy a small New Hermes IL Engraver for your "little Lea" to keep occupied with. No one could have known it back then, but "little Lea’s" new hobby became her life’s passion.As she grew, so did her machines.

In 1966, the young Lea would send engraved items down the hall to her Dad. Now she sends them all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Russia.Lea believes common sense goes a long way in building long-term relationships with the customer. "All our jobs are proofed three times by three different employees. This takes extra time but it is certainly worth it."

"I like to involve myself with customers in person and on the phone so I know exactly what they need." A large amount of our work comes from other engraving companies around the country.
"Our customers give us a report card we supply them with every three months which breaks down our entire service to them and lets us know if there is anything we can improve on. I believe we must be in a constant state of self-improvement. All of our customers have special needs and they must be completely satisfied with every job."

Does all this attention to detail make a difference?
Lea believes attention to the small details keeps customers happy and makes it easy to attract new customers."When a potential new customer calls to inquire about our service, we supply them with the names of well know national and international companies we do business with. Our satisfied customers make it easy to attract new clients."

When visitors arrive at L.E.E. Engraving, what does Lea most enjoy showing them?
"Our biggest company assets are not listed on any balance sheet. They are my first engraver from 1966, which sits in our lobby showcase and my Dad, Ernie, who comes in often.


  1. Accuracy – Three different workers proofread all our jobs. There is no acceptable error rate. If you order 1,000 plates every one must be perfect.
  2. Speed – If your company is like many of our customers, the engraving is usually the last item thought of, or someone forgot to order it at all. A 24-hour source is often needed to allow for the timely delivery of your product or to meet an inspection schedule.
  3. Attitude – We believe the customer is doing us a favor by using our service. With every contact you have with us, we let you know how important you are. One order from you is not our goal – we want to form relationships that span many years.

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