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Industrial Engraving, Graphic Engraving, Specialty Engraving, Legend Plates


Industrial Engraving, Graphic Engraving, Specialty Engraving, Legend Plates

I.D. Plates, Tags, Labels

L.E.E. Engraving will customize your nameplates. Your nameplates can be made of Aluminum, Brass, Flexible Plastics, Phenolic or Stainless Steel.

In plastic we carry a variety of materials in many colors, finishes and sizes. You are not limited to a standard size nameplate such as a 1 x 3". L.E.E. Engraving does not use precut plates. Each plate is made per your specifications, up to 24 x 48". You have a choice between square or rounded corners, holes or an aggressive 3M-quality adhesive. You also may request specially shaped plates for the individual needs of your firm.


Textured finish flexible plastic is a modified acrylic plastic, which is UV stable and suitable for use outdoors.

We normally recommend the above material because it has a non-glare finish and does not easily scratch or show fingerprints. Textured finish can be cleaned with soap and water. The textured material softens at about 200 degrees F.

Matte material has a dull, smooth finish, which is non-glare. It is very flexible and is recommended for very fine detail engraving. Matte finished material come in both indoor and outdoor varieties.

Satin finish plastic has been around the longest. It is a flexible plastic with a shiny, brushed look finish. While the satin material is good for most normal applications, and is available is a wide spectrum of colors and thickness, it is not UV stable and will fade over time.

Phenolic (micarta) is a hard, brittle 3-ply material normally used in high heat areas. It is not recommended for exposure to temperatures above 260C/500F for prolonged periods of time.

Reverse engraved materials come in a variety of colors with the surface being smooth since all engraving and character colors are done on the back. It is often used for architectural signage and is available in a clear glossy surface or a matte finish.

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